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Area/Tsuchiyu Touge

Washikura Onsen Kougen Ryokan

Washikura Onsen Kougen Ryokan Entrance

This inn is located in highlands of elevation 1,230 m, famous for being the coolest place in Fukushima prefecture during the summer. On some days, a sea of clouds forms at daybreak, much to the enjoyment of early morning bathers. Washikura Onsen has baths of two different water qualities, and you can drink the transparent-brownish waters of the acidic melanterite spring (at the drinking facility). Also called a medicinal bath, it has long been a hot spring well-known to relieve gastrointestinal problems and neuralgia. You can enjoy both indoor and open-air baths, and have your skin tenderly replenished by the milky-white weakly-sulfuric spring water with its wealth of mineral deposits.


Daytime admission: 10:00 – 15:00
Business holiday Winter closing: Early January – mid-April
Address: 1 Washikurayama, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 0242-64-3224
Fax: 0242-64-3225
Spring type: Weak sulfuric spring, melanterite spring.
  • Washikura Onsen Kougen Ryokan Open-air bath


We provide heartfelt hospitality to satisfy all our guests who make the effort to visit us. My gardening hobby allow us to grow burnet, lily, and gentian in the property. My secret joy lies in arranging these flowers in the compound and having our guests enjoy them. The shapes of mountains around dusk resemble ink paintings. We hope you enjoy such sunset sceneries.

Kazuko Goto, Proprietress

Kazuko Goto, Proprietress