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Ryokan Tamagoyu

Ryokan Tamagoyu 秋天渓

This hot spring is called Tamago-yu (“egg spring”) because of the way it makes your skin smooth like an egg and the distinctive sulfuric aroma of the waters. Relics from the time the inn was built 140 years ago are preserved in the bathhouse. Engulfed in rustic atmosphere, the gardens contain two open-air rock baths, a women-only open-air bath and a foot bath. Here you can enjoy bathing while appreciating the murmuring of the stream, the singing of insects, and the atmosphere of the seasons. Forget the turmoil of daily life and enjoy a relaxing time in nature.


Daytime admission: 10:30 – 14:00 (last entry: 13:00)
Address: 7 Aza Takayu, Machiniwasaka, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-591-1171(main)
Fax: 024-591-4629
Spring type: Sulfur spring
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu 秋の庭園
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu のんびり足湯


The waters of Takayu Onsen are generally said to be an opaque white, but in fact, the color changes over time. When it first comes gushing out, the water is colorless and transparent, but it gradually takes on a bluish hue through contact with the air before finally turning white. Its smell also changes according to the season and weather. In particular, the waters sparkle beautifully when under the morning sun, so we especially recommend a morning bath.

Naoki Goto, Managing Director

Naoki Goto