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Manners in the national park

For the conservation of nature

  • Do not pick flowers or catch insects. Observe nature and leave it untouched.
  • Take home your trash.
  • Do not step off the paths and boardwalks.
  • Smokers must carry a portable ashtray and not discard cigarette ends.
  • Always keep pets on a lead when on sightseeing routes and take home any waste.
  • Please do not ride bicycles on the footpaths or sightseeing routes.
  • Please turn off your engine when stopped in the parking lots.
  • Do not camp outside of the designated area (Usagidaira Campsite).
  • Toxic gas is emitted in some places near Mt. Issaikyo. Do not leave the mountain trail.
Reference: Nature conservations and manners, the Jyododaira Visitor Center website

For the safe enjoyment of hiking

  • Always obtain information from a detailed map or guidebook and plan a conservative schedule when mountain climbing or hiking.
  • Make a conservative plan in accordance with your stamina and mountain climbing experience.
  • The weather and temperature can change suddenly in the mountains. Make sure to bring warm and rainproof clothing.
  • Bring a radio and listen to weather information etc to prevent alpine incidents.
  • In the event of lightning, move away from high places and large trees, and take refuge inside a building, a natural basin, or other safe location.
  • To prevent attack, do not approach any wild animals you see in the mountains.
  • The mountain climber's cards available at the main trailheads are a valuable source of information that assists searches in the event of an incident. Fully enter your planned course and dates.