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Standing in the centre of Takayu Onsen, this is a small inn of just 14 rooms where you can experience heartfelt hospitality. All rooms here enjoy a riverside view and some also have an unbroken view of Fukushima City. In addition to Taki-no-yu, an open-air bath overflowing with cloudy water, there is an indoor and an open-air bath that are designated for men and women alternately, and a private open-air bath that can be reserved any time it is free. On clear nights you can bathe while gazing up at a star-filled night sky. Seasonal ingredients are used in the inn窶冱 traditional multi-course Japanese dinners, which are very popular.


Daytime admission: Not available
Address: 15-1 Aza Takayu, Machiniwasaka, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-591-1027
Fax: 024-591-4554
Spring type: Sulfur spring
  • Higenoie guest room
  • Higenoie Entrance


The concept behind our hospitality is to have our guests feel truly satisfied and glad that they came. To this end, we take care to engage with each and every one of our customers and respond to their wishes as best we can. My hobby is road cycling, and I have won prizes in hill-climbing races in the past. Packing in some training in-between work is a good form of refreshment.

Hideto Gotou, Managing Director