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Kotaki Onsen

Kotaki Onsen Chartered open-air bath [Yama-no-yu]

This inn stands at the foot of the Azuma mountain range. At any time of the day you can enjoy an open-air bath while gazing at a small mountain stream waterfall and being surrounded by an abundance of nature. Enjoy seasonal wild plants, mushrooms, specialty char dishes and other tastes of the mountains at a sunken-hearth eating space that evokes the spirit of Japan. All of the rooms in the annex look out onto Arakawa River or Mt. Minowa and have a shigaraki open-air bath on the terrace. You can enjoy the view from the private open-air bath on the top floor (separate fee required).


Daytime admission: 12:00 – 20:00
Address: 8 Shimokakuredai, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-595-2020
Fax: 024-595-2722
Spring type: Simple hot spring
  • Kotaki Onsen Chartered open-air bath「[Yama-no-yu]
  • Kotaki Onsen Entrance


We renewed the two private open-air baths in 2013. These have been made into a beautifully textured umbrella pine bath and a granite bath, both semi-roofed. Take in the fresh green of spring, the vivid colors of fall and the snowy vista of winter while soaking in the hot spring and enjoy the picturesque scenery of each of the four seasons in Japan. Our boar stew, Egoma pork casseroles, shabu-shabu and other seasonal nabe hotpots are also popular.

Yuko Abe, Proprietress

Yuko Abe