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Harumiya Ryokan

Harumiya Ryokan Mountain stream chartered open-air bath

This secluded inn stands beside the Arakawa River that flows down between the majestic Mt. Azuma and Mt. Adatara. All 11 guest rooms face the mountain river and 9 of them have a open-air bath. The rock-built open air bath is comfortable and spacious. The rooftop open-air bath with its fragrant aroma of Aomori Hiba and the private open-air bath available 24 hours a day are perfect for enjoying a special moment. Look forward feeling refreshed after a long soak in the waters, which are full of metasilicic acid and other active ingredients to nurture beautiful skin.


Daytime admission: Not available
Business holiday Not available
Address: 72 Aza Suginoshita, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-595-2134
Fax: 024-595-2140
Spring type: Simple hot spring
  • Harumiya Ryokan Entrance
  • Harumiya Ryokan Exterior


Here we recommend that you drink in the atmosphere of the mountains and river. You can enjoy a feast of ikizukuri char, spring mountain vegetables, autumn mushrooms and other seasonal foods. I love to travel and I was deeply impressed by a delicacy of burdock sprouts I was served during a recent stay in Osaka. I hope to consistently offer foods to thrill my guests in the same way.

Tsuyoshi Imaizumi, Representative Director

Tsuyoshi Imaizumi