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Joudodaira Visitor Center

Joudodaira Visitor Center

This is the natural parks information center, located on Joudodaira at an elevation of 1600 m, halfway up the Bandaiazuma Skyline. The center uses dioramas and photograph panels to give easy-to-understand explanations of the natural history of the Azuma mountain range. The center also provides advice on mountain climbing, hiking, and nature observation, so it is recommended to pay a visit before setting out. Nature goods, books, and original mountain climbing memorial badges are for sale in the corner shop Mori-no-honyasan.


Opening hours 9:00 – 16:00
Winter closing Mid-November – early April
Address: Washikurasanchinai, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 0242-64-2105 (closed during winter)
Fax: 024-591-3621
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We recommend a 40-minute tour around the large volcanic crater on the top of Azuma-Kofuji. In good weather you can look down onto Fukushima City below. Also, take a 20-minute walk around the Joudodaira wetlands to see various seasonal alpine plants. The wetlands have a barrier-free wooden path accessible to wheelchairs, so you can enjoy a casual stroll. Joudodaira is a popular escape during the rainy season. Since it is higher than cloud level, you can enjoy a refreshing time even during the humid rainy season as you look out over an expansive sea of clouds.

Shinichi Nishimura, Assistant Manager

Shinichi Nishimura