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Model Course

Enjoy the seasonal enchantments of Joudodaira

At Joudodaira you can enjoy the different countenance of each season throughout the year. From gentle hiking, to all-out mountain climbing, to scenic drives – various model courses have been prepared for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

Choose from the List

  • Azuma mountain range ridgeline hike
    An attractive ridgeline trail passing scenic landscapes and wetlands

    Azuma mountain range ridgeline hike(Climbing)

    A two-day mountain climbing course along the ridgeline, calling on several peaks with enchanting views of stark volcanoes, virgin forests, and the charming flowers that color the wetlands.

  • Trekking from Takayu to Goshikinuma
    The historical road travelled by the mountaineering ascetics

    Trekking from Takayu to Lake Goshikinuma(Climbing)

    This course covers various elevations from Takayu Onsen at the start of Bandaiazuma Skyline to Joudodaira. Enjoy the lack of crowds as you drink your fill of untouched nature, with flowers in full bloom such as the Iwakagami in spring and rhododendrons in summer.

  • Mt. Issaikyo trekking
    Go to see the cobalt blue Lake Goshikinuma and alpine plants!

    Mt. Issaikyo trekking(Climbing)

    This course starts at Joudodaira, including a view from the summit of Mt. Issaikyo and the sight of wetland and marsh flowers in bloom. It has many highlights, including Kamanuma and Sugadaira wetlands.

  • Mt. Higashi-Azuma trekking
    Enjoy a wide panorama and alpine plants!

    Mt. Higashi-Azuma trekking(Climbing)

    This course provides a panoramic view seen from the summit of Mt. Higashi-Azuma and a tour of Keibadaira wetlands. Enjoy lush virgin forests of Maries' fir and flowers blooming in the wetlands.

  • Azuma-Kofuji and wetland walk
    The pride of Joudodaira!

    Mt. Azuma-Kofuji and wetland walk(Hiking)

    This is a walking course from Joudodaira on a walkway around the Joudodaira wetlands. The white spikes of cotton grass paint a beautiful pattern on a green canvas from late June to early July in Joudodaira wetlands.

  • Nitanuma walk
    See a carpet of Asian skunk cabbage in full bloom!

    Nitanuma walk(Hiking)

    There is a popular hiking course near Tsuchiyu Onsen, which tours marshes, wetlands, and waterfalls. The path is comparatively even and is furnished with information boards and signposts, making it a course on which you can enjoy a casual stroll.

  • Makukawa Onsen and Makudaki Falls walk
    Refresh both body and mind!

    Makukawa Onsen and Makudaki Falls walk(Hiking)

    On the route near Makukawa Onsen you can enjoy walking the Arakawa ravine, taking about 30min to the picturesque spot, the Makudaki Falls. Here you can appreciate elegant waterfalls formed by the spring water flowing down from the Azuma range and the beauty of the ravine bathed in dappled sunlight.

  • Takayu Onsen and Takayu Fudotaki Waterfall walk
    To the falls and back before a bath

    Takayu Onsen and Takayu Fudotaki Waterfall walk(Onsen)

    Takayu Onsen is a well-known spring that used to be called Ou-santakayu along with Zao Onsen and Shirabu Onsen in Yamagata prefecture and is said to be a “supreme spring-water.” With picturesque scenery such as the Takayu Fudotaki waterfall in the vicinity, this is the perfect hot spring after enjoying a stroll through the area.

  • Tsuchiyu Onsen footbath tour
    A footbath tour in the village of kokeshi dolls

    Tsuchiyu Onsen footbath tour(Onsen)

    Take a leisurely stroll through the atmospheric streets of the hot spring district, stopping off to refresh your feet in each of the four free-of-charge footbaths.

  • Bandaiazuma Skyline
    A drive through the clouds

    Bandaiazuma Skyline(Drive)

    Bandaiazuma Skyline is a mountainous sightseeing road 28.7km in length, linking the west of Fukushima City with Takayu Onsen and Tsuchiyu-toge Pass. The panorama course that weaves through the Azuma range has many beauty spots including mountain ranges and ravines.