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Yamaneya Ryokan

Yamaneya Ryokan Entrance

Our very own hydrogen carbonate spring and simple hot spring are colorless and transparent, and are said to promote beauty. These are the source of Kami-no-yu, known to have medicinal properties that could quickly heal any type of disease since the seventh century. The pride of the Ryokan is a 20 m long common bath – the longest in the Tsuchiyu Onsen village – and an elegant open-air bath. Calm your senses with the sights and sounds of nature, the steam gently rising from the waters, and the atmosphere of the hot spring as you luxuriate in the waters. This inn is visited by many customers who come to be healed by the waters and seek a natural bath in which savor nature in its entirety, giving a sense of the power of the hot spring.


Daytime admission: Not available
Address: 3 Aburahata, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-595-2116
Fax: 024-595-2118
Spring type: Hydrogen carbonate spring, simple hot spring
  • Yamaneya Ryokan Bath
  • Yamaneya Ryokan Open-air bath


Established in 1921, this inn is brimming with Japanese nostalgia. Fully enjoy a free-flowing hot spring fed by the bountiful flow of two sources of differing water qualities. The tepid bath of temperature just under 40°C is popular with customers who like to enjoy a long and leisurely time bathing.

Jurian Watanabe, Reception

Jurian Watanabe