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Area/Tsuchiyu Touge

Noji Onsen Hotel

Noji Onsen Hotel Kimen-no-yu

This inn is located on high ground, giving a sweeping view of the streets of Fukushima against the background of the beautiful Mt. Kimen in the Adatara mountain range. Counted as one of the beauty enhancing waters of Tohoku, this spring is notable for its milky white color and soft feel. Visitors can enjoy six different baths with contrasting charms, including Senju-no-yu, with its cypress bathtub reminiscent of a traditional hot-spring health resort, Tengu-no-yu, with its connected indoor and open-air baths, and Kimen-no-yu, an expansive open-air bath. At night, the baths are lit up to create a magical atmosphere and deeply sooth the bathers.


Daytime admission: Weekdays 10:00 – 15:00, Weekend/holidays 10:00 – 14:00
Address: 1 Noji, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 0242-64-3031
Fax: 0242-64-3034
Spring type: Simple hydrogen sulphide spring
  • Noji Onsen Hotel Exterior


I’m a singer, as it happens. I have released four CDs and am always happy to perform a song to greet customers at banquets. Please come and listen one day. Also, Bunakko Lane is splendidly beautiful in the season of fresh greenery. Here you can get an unbroken view of the Fukushima skyline at night. Please enjoy the view of a mountain-top hotel to your heart’s content.

Emiko Sagami, Representative Director

Emiko Sagami