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This is a mountain hot-spring inn built along the Bandaiazuma Skyline. Once favored by the Meiji-era poet Mokichi Saito, Azumaya is steeped in an antique atmosphere refined by its 140-year history. Works by Mokichi Saito, Kaishu Katsu and other notable people are on display in the centre of the lobby, giving a sense of the unchanging history and culture of old. Reminisce nostalgically on times gone by while soaking in a simple wooden open-air bath in a highland copse, or one of eight gender-segregated mountain baths surrounded by an abundance of nature.


Daytime admission: Not available
Address: 33 Aza Takayu, Machiniwasaka, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-591-1121
Fax: 024-591-1122
Spring type: Sulfur spring
  • Azumaya Open-air bath
  • Azumaya Exterior


We are a small inn of just ten rooms. But we have eight bathtubs, a comparatively large number that makes Azumaya a popular place to take a soak free from concern about the people around you. In particular, you can enjoy the charm of a secluded bath deep in the mountains in the backmost open-air bath. I was raised in the mountains and love mountain climbing. My wife and I make the time to climb mountains such as Mt. Azuma, from which this inn takes its name.

Junichi Endo, Representative Director

Junichi Endo