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Joudodaira Rest House

Joudodaira Rest House

This rest house is located on Joudodaira at an elevation of 1600 m, halfway up the Bandaiazuma Skyline. The first floor houses a shop selling products from Fukushima prefecture and a refreshment corner. You can dine at the restaurant on the second floor while enjoying the spectacular view. A highly recommended item on the menu is the Fuku-no-shima Gozen, a set meal of local dishes such as kodzuyu (a vegetable stew) and wappa-gohan (a sushi rice box). This is also the ideal location to use as a base for trekking in locations such as Azuma-Kofuji, Mt. Issaikyou, or Goshikinuma.


Opening hours 9:00 – 16:30
Winter closing Mid-November – early April
Address: Washikurasanchinai, Tsuchiyuonsen-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 0242-64-2100 (during winter 024-525-4080)
Fax: Same as telephone
  • Joudodaira Rest House Exterior
  • 八重の桜御膳


Our shop sells products, alcohol, and crafts from the prefecture. Recently, a committed Fukushima sake brewer won gold prize in the 2013 Annual Japan Sake Awards, so right now I recommend sake as a souvenir. The high season for alpine plants in this area is late June to late July. The scenery at this time is truly magnificent. Please make sure to come and visit.

Yoshihiro Abe

Yoshihiro Abe