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Ryokan New Ougiya

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This inn stands in the center of Tsuchiyu Onsen, adjacent the Tsukinoyu Bridge that straddles the Arakawa River. The hot spring, popular for its moisturizing effect and for warming the body to the core, gushes into eight bathtubs, each with a distinct atmosphere. These include two private open-air baths, three family baths and an open-air bath looking out over the Taishido. Popular souvenirs are Moriyama slow-boiled eggs, a specialty of the inn cooked at the source of the spring. This is a calm inn at which you can experience homely comfort with lavish local cuisine.


Daytime admission: 14: 00 – 18: 00
Address: 18 Aza Shitanomachi, Tsuchiuraonsen-cho, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
Tel: 024-595-2014
Fax: 024-595-2536
Spring type: Simple hot spring, hydrogen carbonate spring
  • Ryokan New Ougiya Open-air bath
  • Ryokan New Ougiya Souvenir


At this inn you can fully experience local seasonal cuisine, a free-flowing hot spring and the famous Japanese hospitality. Guests who may be reluctant to bathe in crowded baths can enjoy a private open-air bath at their leisure. “Ganbaransho,” slow-boiled eggs cooked in the hot spring water that gushes forth amidst bountiful nature, are the recommended souvenir of this establishment.

Shizue Endo, Reception manager

Shizue Endo