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Photo Report (May, 2021)

G7 Climate and Environment Ministers' Meeting (May 20-21, 2021)

Minister Koizumi, State Minister Sasagawa, and Sate Minister Horiuchi participated virtually in the G7 Climate and Environment Ministers' Meeting. Ministers responsible for Climate and Environment from G7 countries and 4 guest countries (Australia, India, South Korea, South Africa) attended the meeting and discussed climate, energy, and environment.

  • Minister Koizumi

  • State Minister Sasagawa

  • State Minister Horiuchi

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12th Petersberg Climate Dialogue (May 6-7, 2021)

Minister Koizumi participated virtually in the 12th Petersberg Climate Dialogue, held annually, to discuss climate action ahead of COP26.

  • The 12th Petersberg Climate Dialogue

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