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Photo Report (July, 2018)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Sasagawa's Official Visit to Brazil (July 24-26, 2018)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Sasagawa, visited Brazil and participated in several high-level meetings with the aim to strengthen cooperation ahead of next year's G-20 summit in Japan. He also took an inspection trip to the Iguaçu National Park to serve as a reference with regard to the Project to Fully Enjoy National Parks in Japan.

  • Meeting with Minister Edson Duarte, Ministry of the Environment, Brazil

  • During the Meeting

  • With Undersecretary General Maria Dulce Silva Barros, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil

  • At the Iguaçu National Park Management Office

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International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2018 in Yokohama, Japan (July 18, 2018)

ISAP is designed to boost information-sharing and strengthen collaborative efforts with front-line experts and diverse stakeholders from international organisations, governments, business and NGOs, drawing upon the international/regional networks. 2018 marks ISAP's tenth year, and this year's theme is Driving Transformative Actions through Integrated and Innovative Approaches.

  • Opening Address by State Minister Tokashiki

  • During the Conference

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Special ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action (SAMCA) in Singapore (July 10, 2018)

State Minister Tokashiki attended the SAMCA and spoke about Japan's commitment to expand cooperation with ASEAN in combating marine plastic debris, in addition to addressing climate change based on the Japan-ASEAN Environment Cooperation Initiative, proposed by Prime Minister Abe last year.

  • Delivering an Address

  • With Minister Trần Hồng Hà of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Vietnam

  • With Other Participating Ministers

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Inspection of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine System and CO₂ Capture and Sequestration Facilities in Kyushu (July 7-8, 2018)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Sasagawa visited Goto Islands, Nagasaki, and observed its floating offshore wind turbine. He also inspected Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) facilities in Saga and Fukuoka, and exchanged opinions with those engaged in global warming countermeasures.

  • Receiving an Explanation How Floating Offshore Wind Turbine System Works (Nagasaki)

  • Discussing the Effective Utilization of CO₂ as a Renewable Energy Resource (Saga)

  • Inspection at the Mikawa Power Plant, in Omuta City (Fukuoka)

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