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Photo Report (July, 2019)

International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2019 (July 30, 2019)

State Minister Kiuchi participated in ISAP 2019, held in Yokohama, Japan. The four main topics of "climate change", "SDGs", "the role of consumers to bring about change in consumption and production", and "linkages between science and policy" were discussed with front line experts and practitioners together with all participants.

  • Opening Address by State Minister Kiuchi

  • During the Session

  • Exhibition Walkthrough

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Inspection Visit at the Biomass Power Plant of J-Bio Food Recycle Co., Ltd. (July 30, 2019)

Minister Harada visited J-Bio Food Recycle in Yokohama to discuss recycling and smart use of biomass and food waste. The company collects 80t of food waste/day from JR East train stations and station buildings, ferments it by using micro-organisms and uses methane gas generated to operate gas engines for power generation.

  • At the Food-Waste Recycling Facility

  • Discussing the Food Waste's Climate Impacts

  • Wishing for Success in Project

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Official Visit by Dr. Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates (July 26, 2019)

Minister Harada received the UAE's Minister of Climate Change and Environment, His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, and discussed ways to strengthen environmental cooperation between Japan and UAE.

  • Exchanging Views on Bilateral Cooperation

  • In a relaxed mood at the end of the session

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Official Visit by Chairman Gao of the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee, PRC (July 26, 2019)

Minister Harada met with Mr. Gao Hucheng (高虎城), the Chairman of the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of the National People's Congress of China, to exchange views on legislative initiatives for environmental protection.

  • Discussing Environmental Cooperation

  • During the Meeting

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Cooling Off With Water on Japan's Hot Summer Days ~ "Marunouchi de Uchimizu" in Tokyo (July 26, 2019)

Minister Harada participated in "Uchimizu (sprinkling water)" event and demonstrated it with other event organizers including Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Uchimizu is the traditional practice in Japan to relieve the summer heat. The rainwater from the roofs of the surrounding buildings was reused for the event.

  • Sprinkled Water in front of the Tokyo Central Railway Station

  • Minister Harada along with Governor Koike and other participants

  • Minister Harada talked about Uchimizu, an ancient trick of cooling down to solve heat stress and to save energy

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State Minister Kiuchi's Official Visit to Serbia and Albania (July 22-27, 2019)

In several high-level meetings, State Minister Kiuchi shared the determination to further enhance mutual cooperation in environmental and climate change issues. Serbia and Albania are already official EU candidate countries and eager to align with EU environmental standards in their process to join the EU.

  • Meeting with Minister Goran Trivan, Ministry of Environmental Protection (Serbia)

  • Vinča Waste Management Centre (Serbia), a part of Belgrade's 25-year waste-to-energy project with ITOCHU and 2 other international companies

  • At the Divjakë-Karavasta National Park (Albania)

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Inspection Visit to the Bandai-Asahi National Park, Fukushima (July 17, 2019)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kanke visited the the Bandai-Asahi National Park, to support environmental remediation as a part of the revitalization of Fukushima. The park site straddles over 3 prefectures, Fukushima, Yamagata, and Niigata.

  • At the Goshikinuma (five-color lake) Nature Trail

  • Discussing Maintenance of the Viewing Platform

  • Meeting with Kitashiobara Village Council Members

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The 38th Merit Award Ceremony for Japanese Onsen (July 10, 2019)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata presented MOE Merit Awards to those contributed to the development and utilization of onsen (hot spring) facilities in Japan.

  • Congratulatory Speech by Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata

  • Conferring MOE Awards

  • With Meritorious People

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Appreciation Event for Tokyo 2020 Medal Project (July 10, 2019)

Tokyo 2020 announced its recycled metal collection project has yielded sufficient amounts to produce all 5000 Olympic and Paralympic medals, after sparking the collection of nearly 80,000 tons of mobile phones and small electronic devices around Japan. Minister Harada congratulated everyone on this achievement.

  • With Mr. Yoshiro Mori (Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee President) and other Key Participants

  • Silver Memorial Plaque after hollowing out actual medals

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Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata's Official Visit to Brazil (July 5, 2019)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata met with Minister Ricardo Salles (Minister of the Environment, Brazil) and several government officials to engage in frank exchanges of views on enhanced environmental cooperation between Japan and Brazil. He also promoted the MOE's "Project to Fully Enjoy National Parks" at the 22nd Japan Festival in São Paulo.

  • Participating in Several High-Level Meetings

  • Minister Salles and Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata

  • At the Japan Festival in São Paulo

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The 9th Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity in Norway (July 2, 2019)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Katsumata reiterated that the Post 2020 global biodiversity framework should include a vision for 2050 and the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets under five strategic goals adopted in 2010.

  • At the Plenary Session

  • Meeting with Vice Minister Zhai (Zhai Qing : 翟青) (Ministry of Ecology and Environment, PRC)

  • With Minister Ola Elvestuen (Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment)

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Official Visit by Vietnam's Environment Minister Trần Hồng Hà (July 1, 2019)

Minister Harada welcomed Minister Trần Hồng Hà (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Vietnam) and shared the determination to further enhance mutual cooperation in environmental and climate change issues.

  • During the Meeting

  • Exchanging of Opinions

  • Minister Hà and Minister Harada

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National Heatstroke Prevention Awareness Month (July 1, 2019)

Minister Harada participated in the awareness event at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, and reminded people to prevent heat-related illness in the summer. A deadly Japanese heat wave that has also hospitalized tens of thousands of people is underscoring Tokyo's need to prepare for what could be one of the hottest Olympic Games.

  • Giving a Safety Reminder to Stay Hydrated, Cool to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

  • With other Participants

  • At Hachiko Square in front of the Shibuya Crossing, the world's busiest pedestrian crossing

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