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Photo Report (October, 2015)

Mr. Makoto Oniki, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment, attended the ASEAN+3 Environment Ministers Meeting in Hanoi, Viet Nam. (October 28th to 30th, 2015)

Parliamentary Vice-Minister Oniki attended the 14th ASEAN+3 Environment Ministers Meeting. He introduced Japan's efforts and further proposals for international cooperation such as the Environmentally Sustainable Cities Programme and the Joint Crediting Mechanisms and gained support from participating countries.

  • Parliamentary Vice-Minister Oniki is making remarks at the meeting

  • Group photo of the heads of delegates

  • Parliamentary Vice-Minister Oniki visits a sewage treatment plant built with Japanese aid.

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Mr. Shinji Inoue, the State Minister of the Environment attended the Japan and Philippines Environmental Talks. (October 27th, 2015)

State minister Inoue visited Manila, Philippines to attend the First Japan and Philippines Environmental Talks and a workshop of waste power generation. Both Japan and the Philippines will cooperate for tackling the Philippines' waste management issues.

  • Bilateral talks

  • A scene of the workshop

  • Visiting a landfill site in Payatas

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Ms. Tamayo Marukawa, the Minister of the Environment, visited Toyama City where the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting will take place. (October 24th, 2015)

Minister Marukawa visited Toyama City which will be the venue for the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting next year and met Mr. Takakazu Ishii, the Governor of Toyama Prefecture, and Mr. Masashi Mori, the Mayor of Toyama City. She observed the advanced environmental measures that Toyama City has implemented such as LRT (a next-generation light rail system).

  • Meeting with Governor Ishii at the Office of Toyama Prefectural Government

  • Trying LRT with Mayor Mori

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The Ministry of the Environment of Japan, CDP and UNU-IAS co-organized the Japan Water Style Summit with CDP's Global Water Forum 2015 (October 22nd, 2015)

Mr. Hiroshi Hiraguchi, the State Minister of the Environment, made an opening speech at the Japan Water Style Summit with CDP's Global Water Forum 2015, which was held at the United Nations University.

  • State Minister Hiraguchi gave a speech as a co-organizer.

  • A discussion by panels from abroad

  • A scene of the conference

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Ms. Tamayo Marukawa, the Ministry of the Environment, attended the Global Environmental Action (GEA) International Conference 2015 which was held in Tokyo. (October 15th to 16th, 2015)

In the GEA International Conference, the invited experts exchanged diverse opinions regarding various sectors under the title of "Policies and Measures to Cope with Climate Change and towards a Sustainable Society." The Conference was attended by Their Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister, and Minister Marukawa.

  • Minister Marukawa gave an address.

  • H.I.H. The Crown Price gave a congratulatory speech.

  • Prime Minister Abe gave an address.

  • A key note speech

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