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To the falls and back before a bath

Takayu Onsen and Takayu Fudotaki Waterfall walk

Fudotaki Waterfall,Botayama view,Onsen
course time:
about 40 mins
about 1.4km
Takayu Onsen
Takayu Onsen and Takayu Fudotaki Waterfall walk Map

※Course time and distance is only a guide.

  1. Takayu Fudotaki Waterfall

    In addition to the hot spring, Takayu also has a waterfall about a 20-min walk from the hot spring district. There is a path that leads to Takayu Fudotaki waterfall close to the Kagetsu Highland Hotel in Takayu Onsen. Follow this narrow path and you will see Botayama, the site of an old sulfur mine. The ground is soft underfoot in some places, so watch your step. Walk a little further to get right up to the basin of Takayu Fudotaki waterfall. Spreading out in the shape of an inverted fan, the flowing water is stirring and leaves a lasting impression.
    Return to Takayu Onsen and take a soak in the hot spring as you recall the striking scene of the waterfall.