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A footbath tour in the village of kokeshi dolls

Tsuchiyu Onsen footbath tour

Footbath(4spot),Taishido,Onsen Resort,Onsen
Tsuchiyu Onsen
Tsuchiyu Onsen footbath tour Map

Take a leisurely stroll through the atmospheric streets of the hot spring district, stopping off to refresh your feet in each of the four free-of-charge footbaths.

  • 土湯温泉 足湯「足ぽっぽ」


    Located at the top of the stairs to Kumano Shrine, the Omoi-no-yu footbath was established in April 2013 in conjunction with the tanka inscription by Princess Masako. Locally-grown cypress is used for the roofed bathtub, and the refreshing aroma of the wood that drifts up with the steam is deeply relaxing. The bath is spacious and can fit about 10 people at once, stimulating conversation between fellow travelers and local people.

    Open 9am-5pm

  • Tsuki-no-yu Buje

    Set beside the Tsukinoyu Bridge, the murmuring of the river flowing below sounds pleasant as you soak your feet. The tasteful pavilion-style roof and cozy construction helps you to relax at your leisure as you gaze at the scenery nearby.

    Open 10am-5pm

  • Shimo-no-yu

    Located in the center of the hot spring district, Shimo-no-yu has three footbaths of different temperatures. With shops selling drinks, parfaits, Onsen Manju and other refreshments nearby, here you can soak your feet while enjoying some tea and a chat. When the sun sets, 60 kokeshi dolls lanterns cast a gentle light, illuminating the streets with a magical atmosphere.

    Open 8am-8pm

  • Kajika-no-yu

    Located at the large kokeshi dolls-flanked Arakawa-ohashi Bridge, a kokeshi dolls sporting a parasol stands in the center of the bathtub at Kajika-no-yu. Established in such a way as to surround the kokeshi dolls, the bathtub is comfortably spacious, and in summer you can sometimes hear the croaking of Kajika frogs against the sounds of the river.

    Open 9am-6pm