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Enjoy a wide panorama and alpine plants!

Mt. Higashi-Azuma trekking

virgin forests of Maries' fir,alpine plants
course time:
about 2 hrs 50mins
about 5km
Mt. Higashi-Azuma trekking
Mt. Higashi-Azuma trekking Map

※Course time and distance is only a guide.

  1. Mt. Higashi-Azuma Climb, Ubagahara Trailhead

    Joudodaira to Ubagahara and Mt. Higashi-Azuma

    Depart from Joudodaira, proceed to the left at the first fork, and climb the steep steps toward Ubagahara. Thereafter, walk the flat walkway to arrive at Ubagahara in about 50min. Head to the south from Ubagahara toward Mt. Higashi-Azuma, and ascend through a forest of Maries' fir. From the summit you can enjoy a wide panorama encompassing Mt. Bandai, Lake Inawashiro, Mt. Issaikyo, and Mt. Azuma-Kofuji.

  2. Mt. Higashi-Azuma to Keibadaira

    After enjoying the view, descend toward Keibadaira. There is a viewing platform about 10min from the summit, presenting a great view. Steadily descend through woodland to Keibadaira, where vast wetlands and ponds extend and you can enjoy a refreshing view amidst the stillness of nature. Proceed through Keibadaira to reach the Torikodairaguchi entrance to Bandaiazuma Skyline.