Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is managed for the enjoyment of the public, balancing the interests of our visitors, wildlife, the historic environment and conservation.

Under the rules of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, we have regulated matters to be observed on photo shoot. Please read and confirm the regulations below if you plan to take photography in the garden.


Regulations for Photography in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

1. The date and time for the photography must be from 9 a.m to 30 minutes before closing time (depends on the season) of the opening days of Shinjuku Gyoen except photography restricted periods.

2. Commercial photography, such as paying the fee to professional photographers and selling pictures is prohibited.

3. Members cannot exceed 10 people(including models).

4. The reflector boards must be within 90cm×120cm, and up to 2 boards in 1 group.

5. The equipment must be hand-held size or quantity. Bringing in hand trucks, stepladders, or light stands (installation type) is not acceptable.

6. Bringing flowers and plants, animals, using sports equipment and musical instruments, and wearing clothes which may disturb the atmosphere of the garden is prohibited.

7. Taking photographs in the restricted areas is prohibited.

8. Any act or behavior that may disturb other visitors, such as occupying a place over a long time, blocking passages, using tripods in narrow aisles, are prohibited. 

9. In Greenhouse, photography which is necessary for the permission, such as using camera models and equipment beyond the prescribed size and number, is prohibited.

10. Please submit a few pictures to the management office by e-mail within one month.

11. Other than above, please follow the staff's instructions if requested.

[Photography Application / Permission]

You must submit the "Application form for photography" for the following photo shoot;

・Using the reflector boards (above the size 32cm×32cm)

・Using camera models(Portrait photography)

・Wedding portraits

・Wearing special costumes (please ask the details to the management office)


This application is Only for the PRIVATE Photography. NO COMMERCIAL Photography Allowed (e.g. paying the fee to professional photographers, selling pictures.).

*For all media enquiries, please contact the press team in the management office through Japanese coordinator or translator by e-mail;


All above photography requests shall be first reviewed by the Management office of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden to ensure that the request meets the guidelines and regulations and to verify that other visitors and activities will not be interrupted.


Application form must be submitted at least One Week Prior to the scheduled photo shoot via email ( You will be notified by email once your application has been accepted.

Click here to access the application formlsx


[On the shooting day]

1. The notification of acceptance must be shown to the staff when you enter the garden.

2. Please come to the management office in the garden for the procedures for photography.

You will be asked to read and sign "Consent Form" and then, you will be given the photography permission.

3. During the shoot, please carry the permission and show it if requested by the staff.

4. During the shoot, you must wear the armbands provided by the management office and return them to the office when you finish the shoot.


Also, for all visitors' comfort, photography which is necessary for the permission is restricted during high seasons, weekends, and holidays in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Application is NOT acceptable during the periods.

Click the below link to check the restricted periods.

2024Photography Restricted Periods

We appreciate your cooperation.