Health Effects of Radiation:
5 Themes
Effects on Fetuses and Hereditary Effects

(v) Changes in perception of radiation risks

Based on the information above, it can be safely said that both fetuses in their mothers’ wombs at the time of the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)'s Fukushima Daiichi NPS and children in the next generation born afterward will not be affected by radiation exposure caused by the accident.
However, how many people still think that radiation exposure affects the next generation?

Answers to the question of whether exposure caused by accidents affects the next generation

Answers to the question of whether exposure caused by accidents affects the next generation

Prepared based on the materials of the 45st Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for the Fukushima Health Management Survey

The Fukushima Health Management survey examines perception of risks concerning health effects of radiation every year.
The figure shows the change over time in responses to questions about next-generation effects. Although the percentage of persons concerned over next-generation effects is gradually decreasing, nearly 40% remain concerned over the possibility.

Such worries over next-generation effects of radiation tend to cause discrimination, prejudice, and doubt about future chances of getting married or having children. It is necessary to note the sensitiveness of such worries and prejudice for disaster victims.
The Ministry of the Environment is undertaking the GuGuRu Project, which aims to achieve a society that promotes the elimination of misunderstandings that result in rumors and discrimination and that does not allow such harmful rumors to arise. The project seeks to do so by building learning and knowledge, by connecting with people, towns, and organizations, and by taking personal responsibility for transmitting knowledge, through issues related to the effects of radiation on health. More information about the GuGuRu Project is available here.

For more information about changes in perception of radiation risks, see page 152 of Vol. 1, FY2022 edition.

Health Effects of Radiation: 5 Themes