G8 Environmental Futures Forum 2000

A: Energy, B: Household, C: Transportation, D: Industrial enterprises,
E: Other (Non-Industrial) Business/ commercial, F: Agriculture/land use/forestry, G: Other

CANADA Summary
No. Title A B C D E F G
1 The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) x x x x x x x
2 Canada's Climate Change Voluntary Challenge and Registry Inc. (VCR Inc.) x x x x x x
3 Canada's Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation Office x x x x x x
4 The National Process on Climate Change x x x x x x
5 Pilot Trading Projects- Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Trading Pilot (GERT) and Pilot Emission Reduction Trading Project (PERT) x
6 The Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD) x x x x x x
7 Public Education and Outreach Component-- Canada's Climate Change Action Fund (PEO-CCAF) x x x x x x
8 Adoption of cropping practices with reduced tillage intensity x
9 Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) x x x x x x

FRANCE Summary
No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Decision-making support for energy-efficiency investments x x x x
2 Guaranty fund for long-term investments which prevent GHG emissions x x x
3 Thermal regulations for new buildings x x
4 Labeling of electrical appliances x x
5 Financial support for demonstration of innovative technologies x x x x
6 Methane recovery from landfills and energy valorization x x
7 Wood-fueled heating systems financial support program x x

No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Ecotax-Reform x
2 Economic incentives x x
3 Voluntary Commitments - German trade and industry takes part in precautionary climate protection measures x x
4 Increasing use of renewables x x
5 Rational and sparing use of energy in buildings and households x x

ITALY Summary
No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Expansion of the use of natural gas as fuel for cars, urban buses and light duty trucks x x
2 Environmental taxation based on carbon content of fossil fuels x x x x
3 Obligation to meet a set proportion of electricity requirements with that produced from renewable sources x
4 Expansion of the use of biomass in heating systems and in industry x x x
5 Stabilization of urban automobile traffic. x
6 Expansion of the existing network of rapid mass transportation, in urban areas x
7 Voluntary agreement with industry x x

JAPAN Summary
No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Law Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Prevent Global Warming x x x x x x
2 Let's Try Ecolife-- Declaration by a million people-- and Four Challenges to Prevent Global Warming x x x
3 Promotion of further improvement of energy efficiency of cars, homes and office appliances through the introduction of "Top Runner Approach" x x x
4 Enhancement of conditions for promoting bicycle use in model cities x
5 ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) x x x x
6 Reduction of GHG Emissions from Agriculture and Stockbreeding Sectors x
7 Establishment of artificial forests and carbon storage in wood materials x
8 Eco Up Office Plan in Tokyo x x x x
9 Publication of "Initiatives in Kanagawa to Prevent Global Warming - 100 Practical Examples" x
10 Green Purchasing in Shiga Prefecture x x
11 "One Percent Energy Saving Plus One Movement" in Kawagoe City x x x
12 Promotion of Rainwater Utilization in Sumida Ward x x x
13 Promotion of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) in Kawasaki City x x x
14 Initiatives to Prevent Global Warming by the KIKO Network x x x x x x
15 Voluntary Plans by Industrial Organizations x x
16 Partnerships between companies and communities x x x
17 Rethinking lifestyle through "RENGO Ecolife 21" x x

No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions x
2 Law Regulations, Federal Programs and Project Activities x

No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Encouraging Reduced Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agriculture x
2 "Are You Doing Your Bit?" Campaign x
3 Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme (Eebpp) x x x x
4 Climate Change Levy x x x x x
5 Reform of Company Car Taxation x
6 Electricity Liberalisation x
7 Fuel Duty Escalator x
8 The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 - Application and Effective in England x
9 Voluntary Agreements to Reduce HFC Emissions x
10 Promoting Renewable Energy (NFFO) x
11 Environmental Reporting - Guidelines for Company Reporting on GHG Emissions x x x
12 The New Home Energy Efficiency Scheme x
13 The Energy Saving Trust x x x x

No. Title A B C D E F G
1 BUILDING AMERICA and PATH Programs x x
2 Codes and Standards Program x x x
3 ENERGY STAR Programs x x x
4 Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program x x
5 WASTEWI$E x x x x
6 Emissions Cap and Trade Programs x
7 Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) x x
8 Federally Leveraged State and Local Action x x x x x x x
9 Infrastructure for Information on Energy Markets and Policy x x x x x
10 State, Local, and Community Initiatives x x x x
11 Climate Challenge and Climate Wise x x
12 Electricity Restructuring x
13 High Global Warming Potential (GWP) Gas Reduction x
14 Industrial Assessment Center Program x
15 Industries of the Future x
16 Methane Programs x x x
17 Motor Challenge x x
18 Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) x
19 Voluntary Reporting of GHG Program x x x x x x x

No. Title A B C D E F G
1 Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection x
2 CO2 Emissions from Cars x

(NOTE) Categorization of best practices is basically based on the marks put in the best practice reply forms collected from the countries. However, categorization shown in issue paper is applied to practices of some countries; i.e. .Germany, Russian Federation, European Union, as they did not indicate categorization.

List of Best Practices
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