PaSTI~Partnership to Strengthen Transparency for co-Innovation

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  • Interview article has been published.


    June 2022

    PaSTI Interview article has been published.

  • Newsletter PaSTI TIMES Vol.5 has been published.


    March 2022

    Newsletter "PaSTI TIMES" Vol.5 has been published.

  • Newsletter PaSTI TIMES Vol.4 has been published.


    January 2022

    Newsletter "PaSTI TIMES" Vol.4 has been published.

  • The PaSTI-JAIF Project Phase 2 has been launched.


    December 2021

    The PaSTI-JAIF Project Phase 2 has been launched.

What is PaSTI?

In order to pursue effective implementation of the Paris Agreement to achieve progress towards the long-term goal, it is indispensable that the national reports are developed and delivered with a regular and accuracy manner. Reporting with transparency helps to build mutual trust among countries and also strengthens domestic institution in each country. In addition, enhanced contribution to climate change actions from the non-state actors, such as the private sector and local governments, will be anticipated in the coming years.
Partnership to Strengthen Transparency for co-Innovation (PaSTI) highlights added-values to existing initiatives on transparency, and promotes engagement of the private sector and local government by identifying incentive mechanisms and developing critical tools.

  1. Promoting the engagement of non-state actors such as private companies and local governments with incentive mechanism
  2. Enhancing the capacities and institutional structure in each country under their national development strategies
  3. Strengthening and streamlining the transparency actions at subnational, national and regional level