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Promoting Regional Environmental Cooperation

Regional EST (Environmentally Sustainable Transport) Forum in Asia

The Regional EST Forum in Asia is a high-level governmental policy dialogue established through the collaboration of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and UNCRD (United Nations Centre for Regional Development) toward the realization of EST (Environmentally Sustainable Transport) in the Asian region. The Forum is comprised of government representatives from both environment and transport ministries from Japan and Asian countries, and experts in the transportation and environment fields.

The first meeting of the Regional EST Forum in Asia was held in Nagoya, Japan in August 2005, 10 ASEAN countries, China, Japan, and Mongolia, in total thirteen countries, joined the meeting. The Aichi Statement was adopted, which included declarations on the periodical holding of the Forum, the fundamental concept of EST in Asia, and the formulation and implementation of a national EST strategy as well as action plan in each country, through the initiative of UNCRD. The fifth meeting of the Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2010, and all participating countries (ten ASEAN countries, eight South Asian countries, China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia) reported on their current EST-related activities and shared best practices. Additionally, discussions were exchanged on funding mechanisms and establishment of partnership to realize EST, as well as practical cases such as rail development, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and sustainable freight transport were shared. Based on these discussions, “Bangkok Declaration for 2020” which provides guidelines for sustainable transport in the Asian region in the coming decade was adopted.

Based on the achievements of regional forums until now, the Ministry of the Environment will actively support the activities of UNCRD in collaboration with other participating countries and continuously make efforts for the realization of Environmentally Sustainable Transport in the Asian region, including in Japan.