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Japan-Singapore Environmental Policy Dialogue

In 2010, Japan signed on the "Letter of Intent between Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the National Environment Agency, Republic of Singapore on Cooperation in the Areas of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and Solid Waste Management," and promoted cooperation by July 2013. After the expiration of the Letter of Intent, both ministries concluded the "Letter of Intent between Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the National Environment Agency, Republic of Singapore on Environmental Cooperation" in 2014 with the aim of carrying out more comprehensive environmental cooperation, which was expired in March 2017. In June 2017, “Memorandum of Cooperation on Environmental Matters” was signed between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Since then, various activities have been taken based on the Memorandum.

Year Venue Outline
1st Dialogue
Singapore Agreed to promote cooperation in the areas such as ash reuse, air pollution and noise control in addition to 3Rs/solid waste management. Confirmed the policies of future policy dialogues.
2nd Dialogue
Tokyo Shared policies and experiences in both countries, exchanged opinions and agreed to continue accelerating bilateral environmental cooperation in the areas such as 3Rs and solid waste management and air pollution. Agreed to continue cooperation in the areas of waste management and recycling in 2015 and to share experiences of noise control and monitoring of radiation dose in the next policy dialogue.
3rd Dialogue
Singapore The two countries shared their policies and experience on an adaptation plan for the impacts of climate change, management of waste generated by radioactive substance monitoring and decontamination, and air quality control concerning vehicle emissions control, and agreed to further promote environmental cooperation.
4th Dialogue
Tokyo The two countries shared and discussed their policies, experiences, and future plans such on air pollution control, climate change, and water management (in particular on water quality monitoring of costal and enclosed coastal seas). Both countries agreed to continue collaboration in comprehensive and effective manner. It was also confirmed that both countries coordinate collaborative actions related to environmental management and climate change, by utilizing the framework of ASEAN and the Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific.
5th Dialogue
Singapore Both sides shared information on environmental areas of importance to the two countires, mainly discussing waste management, soil contamination and climate change (especially the progress of Japan's long-term low GHG emission development strategy and Singapore's carbon tax). Both sides agreed to strengthen collaboration, bilaterally, as well as within the ASEAN region and regarding international frameworks.
6th Dialogue
Virtual meeting The two ministries discussed further strengthening environmental cooperation, agreeing to strengthen cooperation towards the realization of decarbonization in the ASEAN region, to collaborate on air pollution measures, and to share information related to waste management.