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Japan-Philippines Environmental Cooperation

The Ministry of Environment, Japan and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of the Philippines have held a dialogue on waste management five times since 2015. To strengthen comprehensive cooperation between Japan and the Philippines from policy support to deal formation, the first Japan-Philippines Environment Week was held in March 2022, which an environmental policy dialogue, seminars, exhibitions, business matching events, and others were held in an integrated manner.

During the policy dialogue held under the week, Japan and the Philippines shared progress and future directions of cooperation related to climate change, including CFC management, transparency (PaSTI), bilateral crediting mechanisms (JCM), adaptation, and city-to-city cooperation. The Dialogue also confirmed future cooperation in the realization of waste-to-energy projects. In addition to the existing cooperation, the countries also confirmed that they continue discussion on the possibility of cooperation in new areas such as the development of a long-term strategy on climate change and support for the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs). The Joint Statement on Climate Change was issued as the outcome of the Dialogue.