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Target Technology Fields Fields Currently Targeted Small hydropower generation technology field Global warming mitigation technology field (lighting energy reduction technologies) Human waste treatment in natural areas: human waste treatment technology field Organic wastewater treatment technology field Water environment improvement technologies in enclosed coastal seas field Water purification technologies for lakes and reservoirs field Heat-island mitigation technology field (technologies for reducing air conditioning loads by using building envelope systems) Heat-island mitigation technology field (heat pump air-conditioning systems using ground source heat, wastewater heat, etc.) Simplified VOC, etc. measurement technology field
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What is verification?
Verification means the process by which objective data concerning the environmental conservation effects of an environmental technology as well as its secondary environmental impacts and other relevant matters are shown based on tests, etc. by a third party organization which is neither a developer nor a user of the said technology.What is verification?

Necessity for a Mechanism to Verify Environmental Technologies

Even advanced environmental technologies which are ready for commercial application and believed to be useful …
May not have undergone sufficient objective evaluation or verification (in terms of the environmental conservation effects, O & M cost and required labor) or may not have well-developed legal and other foundations.
Fourth Basic Environment Plan (April, 2012): Promotion of Efforts to Disseminate Environmental Technologies
[Part 2 Chapter 1 Section 1: Greening of Economy and Society and Promotion of Green Innovation]
“… proceeds with the implementation of activities, including the introduction of the evaluation of technologies, which are designed to pick up seeds of technologies and assist the dissemination of individual technologies …”
Implementation of the EVT Program
Under the Program, reliable third party organizations (verification organizations) conduct the verification testing, etc. of environmental technologies in actual fields of application and widely publicizes the test results, etc. to assist the dissemination of environmental technologies.
• FY 2003 Start of the pilot program
• FY 2008 Full-scale implementation of the Program