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The Environmental Technology Verification of Japan


What is the Environmental Technology Verification?

@Advanced environmental technologies, even though they are commercial-ready and considered to be useful, have not necessarily been pervasive widely because objective assessments on environmental conservation effects, etc., have not been made and end users such as local governments, companies, and consumers cannot use them without anxiety.
@The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program is a program in which third-parties objectively verify the environmental conservation effects, etc., of these advanced technologies that have not spread yet.
@It is expected by implementing this program that the spread of environmental technologies developed by venture companies, etc., is promoted and economic activities are stimulated through environmental conservation and the development of local environmental industries.

ETV Logo

ETV Logo

To spread the ETV Program among the general public, Ministry of the Environment defined the logo.

About Verification

@Under this program, "verification" means the process by which objective data based on tests, etc., for the environmental conservation effects of an environmental technology, as well as its secondary environmental impacts and other important aspects of performance from environmental perspective ( genvironmental conservation effectsh), are indicated by third parties who are neither developers nor users of the technology. "Verification" differs from "certification," whereby certain evaluation standards are established and then compliance is judged based on those standards.