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Target Technology Fields Fields Currently Targeted Small hydropower generation technology field Global warming mitigation technology field (lighting energy reduction technologies) Human waste treatment in natural areas: human waste treatment technology field Organic wastewater treatment technology field Water environment improvement technologies in enclosed coastal seas field Water purification technologies for lakes and reservoirs field Heat-island mitigation technology field (technologies for reducing air conditioning loads by using building envelope systems) Heat-island mitigation technology field (heat pump air-conditioning systems using ground source heat, wastewater heat, etc.) Simplified VOC, etc. measurement technology field
Contact Us
Contact Us
Any enquiry made to us will be used as a reference for the future ETV Program and may be referred to in the FAQ section. Please note that we are unable to reply to enquiries about specific technologies or to enquiries of a personal nature.

Contact Information
Office of Environmental Research and Technology
General Policy Division, Minister's Secretariat
Ministry of the Environment
Tel: +81-(0)3-3581-3351 (Key)