What is the Gleneagles Dialogue?

Gleneagles Dialogue officially referred to as the “Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development was launched as a result of an agreement at the G8 Gleneagles Summit held in the United Kingdom in 2005. The Gleneagles Dialogue 4th Ministerial Meeting was held in Chiba with the attendance of environment and energy ministers of the world’s 20 major greenhouse gas emitting nations as well as representatives of relevant international organizations, industries, NGOs and NPOs.

Open and meaningful discussions were held among the ministers and representatives focusing on the 3 main issues; Technology, Finance and Investment, and Post-2012 International Framework (Future Framework). The discussions have helped deepen the mutual understanding for further process of the climate change negotiations.

At the opening session, the former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered a keynote speech on future framework.

On the final day, chairs’ conclusions were issued by the co-chairs of the Meeting, Minister of the Environment Ichiro Kamoshita and Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Akira Amari, summing up the discussions in the dialogue.


March 14 (Fri)–16 (Sun), 2008


Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture

Participating countries

Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States of America, European Commission
【Other Countries】
Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia (EU Chair), South Africa, Spain

(Reference) Carbon-dioxide emissions of participating countries

Hosted by

Ministry of the Environment / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Environmental Consideration

The conference was organized, as much as possible, in an environmentally sound manner by, for example, purchasing tradable green certificates or utilizing fuel cell vehicles.