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Characteristics of Gleneagles Dialogue

  • The 20 major greenhouse gas emitting countries will be present.
    (The 20 biggest greenhouse gas emitting countries emit approximately 80% of the global total.)
  • This Dialogue will include countries that have not assumed or undertaken any emission reduction obligations within the existing framework, such as China and the United States.
  • This Dialogue will constitute a forum for frank exchange of opinions and views at the Ministerial level in the form of dialogue rather than negotiation.

Background Information Regarding the Hosting of the Gleneagles Dialogue

G20 Dialogue has been established based on the agreements made among the participating countries’ leaders at the British-hosted Gleneagles Summit in 2005

Outline of the G8 Gleneagles Summit

  • Date July 6 to 8 2005
  • Presidency UK
  • Participating countries G8 nations plus 5 emerging economic nations (China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico)
  • Main agenda "Climate Change" and "Africa"

Evolution of the Summit (as related to climate change)

(1)Shared awareness and understanding of science

  • Global warming is the real problem and has been mainly caused by human activities.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission on a global basis → Control of the amount of greenhouse gas emission → Collaboration and cooperation will be needed to decrease such greenhouse gas emission.

(2)Advancement of specific activities and actions

  • Preparation of the "Gleneagles Plan of Action" : Promotion of energy conservation, Earth observation, etc.

(3)Partnership with emerging economic nations

  • Setting up of a forum for dialogue in order to enhance and strengthen the partnership between the G8 nations and the emerging economic nations
    (Reports on the status of progress will be made at the 2008 G8 summit (hosted by Japan))
    →A meeting was held in the UK from October 31 to November 1. (1st Gleneagles Dialogue) to discuss promotion of the dialogue and implementation of the action plan

→Commencement of G20 Process