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Expectations for the Gleneagles Dialogue in Chiba

G8 and Gleneagles Dialogue process •••Participation of the major greenhouse gas emitting countries

The very first meeting to be held in connection with the upcoming Hokkaido Toyako Summit, it promises to be an important conference in which we will press forward with negotiations on climate change issues – an important global challenge – as well as construct an effective framework for discussion.

Final-round of Gleneagles Dialogue = Gleneagles Dialogue in Chiba

As this is the last meeting between Gleneagles and Hokkaido Toyako, there will be a general overview of the past three Gleneagles Dialogue.

Success at the Gleneagles Dialogue in Chiba is connected to success at the Toyako Summit

Climate change issues are scheduled to be the main theme at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit. The success of the Gleneagles Dialogue will be an important resource for debates between heads of state at the summit.