The Ninth Regional 3R Forum
in Asia and the Pacific

Organizers Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Thailand Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan (MoEJ) United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
Date March 4- 6, 2019
Venue Bangkok, Thailand
Participants Over 500 representatives from 40 countries (Asian countries and Pacific island countries, etc.), cities, international organizations and so forth.
*Representatives from Japan: 9 officials of Ministry of the Environment including State Minister Mr. Akimoto, 5 municipal representatives, approximately 40 representatives from private enterprises, 15 scholars and NGO members and approximately 20 participants from international organizations and other organizations.
Theme "3R as a Way for Moving towards Sufficiency Economy - Implications for SDGs"

At the Forum (March 4-6), topics below was discussed.

  1. 1.Circular economy towards sufficiency economy
  2. 2.Circular economic utilization of plastics waste
  3. 3.Sound material flow and accounting towards sufficiency economy
  4. 4.Technology as a driver for clean energy and green industry towards sufficiency economy
  5. 5.Leadership Programme for Senior Policy Makers on Circular Economy

*Roundtable Discussion
On March 5th, a round-table discussion between governments and private sectors was held, following the 7th 3R Forum in Adelaide, to promote Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs). Representatives of participating countries and relevant private companies handling waste management and recycling from Asia and the Pacific countries including Japan participated in the round-table discussion.

*Pre-events and Parallel Events

Five Pre-events and Parallel-events below were held beside the Forum.

  1. 1.The 9th Asia and the Pacific 3R Citizens Forum (Parallel-event)
  2. 2.International 3R Exhibition (Parallel-event)
  3. 3.The Second Phase of State of the 3Rs in Asia and the Pacific (Parallel-event)
  4. 4.8th International Conference on Solid Waste Management, 8th Icon SWM 2018(Pre-event/ Completed in Nov 2018)
  5. 5.5th 3Rincs (Pre-event/ Feb 27th - March 1st, 2019)

"Chair's Summary of Ninth Regional 3R Forum" and "Bangkok 3R Declaration Towards Prevention of Plastic Waste Pollution through 3R and Circular Economy" was adopted as the outcome.

The Ninth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific
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