The Fifth Regional 3R Forum
in Asia and the Pacific

Organizers Ministry of the Environment of Japan , Ministries of Environment and Public Works of Indonesia, United Nations Centre for Regional Development
Date February 25-27, 2014
Venue Surabaya, Indonesia
Participants Approximately 500 representatives from 33 countries (ASEAN, Pacific island countries, East Asia and South Asia, etc.), cities (such as Surabaya and Ho Chi Minh), international organizations and so forth.
*approx. 70 participants from Japan: 8 officials of Ministry of the Environment including Senior Vice Minister Shinji Inoue, one municipal representative, approx. 50 representatives from private enterprises, 3 scholars and 9 NGO members.
Theme Multilayer Partnerships and Coalition as the Basis for 3Rs Promotion in Asia and the Pacific

The Forum adopted, as its outcome, the “Surabaya 3R Declaration” calling for the promotion of public–private Partnerships and cooperative relations among cities. As a parallel side event of the Forum, the ”Indonesia-Japan International 3R Exhibition” was held demonstrating a range of 3Rs and waste recycling technologies, where 17 Japanese private enterprises put up display booths. 

Surabaya 3R Declaration
This is intended to complement Ha Noi 3R Declaration toward a resource-efficient and zero-waste society by expressing the promotion of country-country cooperation, North-South cooperation, city-municipality cooperation, government-non-government partnership toward effective implementation of 3R.
The Fifth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific
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