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Problems such as climate change and the loss of biological diversity and ecological services (gift from nature) have to be dealt with special care in small islands, because of their small environmental capacity and the signifi cant damages. For instance, coral reefs are tourism resources specifi c to the region, and they also serve as important natural barriers preventing natural disasters, but they are damaged by climate change such as bleaching caused by sea temperature rise, as well as humans activity. Moreover, there are some island regions where national land itself is in danger due to direct and indirect infl uences of climate change.

Regarding renewable energies which contributes to prevent climate change, while measures must be taken to overcome their unstable outputs, there is a great potential in using tremendous energies (wind and fl ood tide power, etc.) existing in the ocean. Moreover, sustainable island economy and politics, which is low-carbon and in harmony with nature, must be sought for through the promotion of ecotourism using tourism resources such as coral reefs as well as the use of cutting-edge environmental technology.

We will host this international symposium in order to examine how a sustainable island keeping in harmoney with environment should be and to send this message to the world, while presenting advanced cases of Okinawa and the Pacific islands as a region with a unique island ecosystem and taking into account the international trend in climate change mitigation and coral reef conservation.

Saturday, June 29th 2013
Public symposium
[ Place: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Auditorium ]
13:00-13:20 Greetings Nobuteru Ishihara (Minister of the Environment) Material
[PDF 408KB]
Hirokazu Nakaima (Governor of Okinawa Prefecture)
Jonathan M.Dorfan (President of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)
13:20-14:20 Opening
Rajendra K.Pachauri (IPPC chairman/India)
[ presentation title : Prediction of climate change and impact on marine ecosystem ]
Presentation Material
[PDF 1,663KB]
14:20-15:00 Talk Show Eriko Imai (Member of SPEED. Besides performing as a solo artist, she broadens her activities giving lectures and writing)
*SPEED: a Japanese vocal dance group
Titles omitted
  • Rajendra K.Pachauri
  • Eriko Imai
15:15-17:00 Public debate
-Island in symbiosis with nature, how an island country should be / thinking about preventing global warming and protecting coral reefs-
Presenter Shiro Wakui (Professor at the Faculty of Environmental and Information Studies, Tokyo City University) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,726KB]
Panelists Andrew Skeat (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park General Manager/Australia) Presentation Material
[PDF 9,251KB]
Elbuchel Sadang (Palau Conservation Society’s Executive Director/Palau) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,853KB]
Hajime OSHIRO (President of the University of the Ryukyus/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,597KB]
Mariyam Shakeela (Minister of Environment and Energy/ Maldives) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,499KB]
Rika Hiraki (NPO Japan Ecotourism Society member/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,349KB]
Titles omitted
  • Shiro Wakui
  • Andrew Skeat
  • Elbuchel Sadang
  • Hajime Oshiro
  • Mariyam Shakeela
  • Rika Hiraki
Sunday, June 30th 2013
Section meetings, summaries with specialists
【Part 1】
[Section meeting 1]
Coral Reef Conservation (Place: seminar room B250)
We will discuss about coral reefs protection in Okinawa referring to overseas cases.
Presenter Makoto Tsuchiya (Professor at the Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus/Japan)
Panelists Luke Brander (VU University Amsterdam, Hong Kong University of Science and Techology/Hong Kong) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,442KB]
Makoto Tsuchiya (Professor at the Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,314KB]
Minoru Tamura (Japan International Cooperation Agency/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 2,795KB]
Noriyuki Satoh (Professor at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 2,858KB]
Shinichiro Kakuma (Fisheries Research & Extension Center Okinawa Prefectural Government/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 4,608KB]
Yimnang Golbuu (Palau International Coral Reef Center CEO/Palau) Presentation Material
[PDF 2,670KB]
  • Luke Brander
  • Makoto Tsuchiya
  • Minoru Tamura
  • Noriyuki Satoh
  • Shinichiro Kakuma
  • Yimnang Golbuu
[Section meeting 2]
Mitigation measures on climate change in islands (Place: seminar room C210)
We will discuss potential and challenges of promoting the use of renewable energies and energy saving as well as building autonomous and disaster-resilient energy systems with reference to overseas cases to combat climate change.
Presenter Junichiro Tsutsumi (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of the Ryukyus/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,664KB]
Panelists Esala Nayasi (Director Political and Treaties, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation/Fiji)[Absence]
Ichitaro Noguchi (Mayor of Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 674KB]
Kimio Yamaka (President of the Institute of Energy Strategy/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 470KB]
Leo Christensen (Lolland Energy Holding Vice president/Denmark) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,533KB]
Ramnet Jaikwang (Mayor of Koh Samui City/Thailand) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,004KB]
  • Junichiro Tsutsumi
  • Ichitaro Noguchi
  • Kimio Yamaka
  • Leo Christensen
  • Ramnet Jaikwang
[Section meeting 3]
Current Status and Prospects of Ecotourism in Coral Reef Islands (Place: seminar room B250)
Ecotourism is important means for conservation of nature, culture and knowledge as well as for raising economical and social benefit for community, through tourism, especially in ecologically fragile areas such as tropical islands and coral reef regions. This session focus on current status and issues of Ecotourism which can realize both natural and cultural conservation and economical enhancement from local and global perspectives.
Presenter Yurie Kaizu (Professor at the Faculty of International Studies, Bunkyo University/Japan)
Panelists Akiko Ishigaki (NPO Iriomote island Ecotourism Association President/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 7,959KB]
Johannes Subijanto (Coral Triangle Center Deputy Director/Indonesia) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,013KB]
Keiichiro Nakamura (Earthtrip President, Anchorring.Japan CEO/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 488KB]
Ralf Buckley (Griffith University Professor/Australia) Presentation Material
[PDF 3,131KB]
Yurie Kaizu (Professor at the Faculty of International Studies, Bunkyo University/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 321KB]
  • Akiko Ishigaki
  • Johannes Subijanto
  • Keiichiro Nakamura
  • Ralf Buckley
  • Yurie Kaizu
[Section meeting 4]
Adaptation to climate change (Place: seminar room C210)
We will discuss current situations and the latest scientific findings, of impact of climate change, including in impacts of climate change in small islands, impact to coral reefs, and adaptation to climate change impacts. Moreover, we will discuss the evaluation of impact of climate change, adaptation to climate change impacts and challenge of its adaptation.
Presenter Junichiro Tsutsumi (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of the Ryukyus) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,380KB]
Panelists David Sheppard (Director General, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP)) Presentation Material
[PDF 6,528KB]
Fakasoa Tealei (Assistant Secretary for Trade, Tourism & Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour/Tuvalu) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,333KB]
Hiroya Yamano (Head researcher at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 2,887KB]
Leonard Nurse (Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies/Barbados) Presentation Material
[PDF 2,098KB]
Poh Poh Wong (Visiting Associate Professor at The University of Adelaide/Singapore) Presentation Material
[PDF 981KB]
Roger McLean (Professor at the University of New South Wales/Australia) Presentation Material
[PDF 4,494KB]
Yukari Takamura (Professor at Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies/Japan) Presentation Material
[PDF 1,288KB]
  • Junichiro Noguchi
  • David Sheppard
  • Fakasoa Tealei
  • Hiroya Yamano
  • Leonard Nurse
  • Poh Poh Wong
  • Roger McLean
  • Yukari Takamura
Titles omitted
Side Event (Place: seminar room B250)
13:15-13:45 Theme Ecosystem-based solution for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction towards sustainable islands
Name Radhika Murti (Programme Coordinator - Disaster Risk Reduction, IUCN) Presentation Material
[PDF 792KB]
Hajime Kayanne (The University of Tokyo) Presentation Material
[PDF 4,863KB]
  • Radhika Murti
  • Hajime Kayanne
Titles omitted
General summary, closing (Place: seminar room B250)
14:00-15:00 Reports from each section meetings, President's summary, closing


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