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Links on International Environmental Cooperation

Ministry of the Environment

Website created and maintained by the Ministry of the Environment to fulfill its obligation to provide environmental data to the public, and issue press releases, various government bulletins and materials, commentaries on laws, and information source guides showing the location of environmental data, etc.


Website started in 1996 by ECO ASIA (Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific)for communicating information on the state of the environment in the Asia-Pacific region, environmental policy, etc., provided by the countries and international organizations through the Internet to all parties in the region.


Information service started by the 8th Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change in 1998, aimed at active policy dialogue and consultation among nations, provision of latest news and information (particularly on CDM)and capacity development for use of ICT, and promoting public awareness on climate change.


Environmental information exchange system provided by the National Institute for Environmental Studies. It provides such information as Environmental Information Navigation, Environmental News, Environment-friendly Lifestyle and Learning Information (Eco-life Guide, Eco-Kids, Environmental Quizzes), and also information on events, FAQ, etc.

Global Environment Information Center

The Global Environment Information Center operated by the Ministry of the Environment and the United Nations University in cooperation with various organizations, offers assistance to NGOs, corporations, governmental organizations, and international organizations in transmitting and accessing information on environmental activities.


NETT21 is a database, which has been constructed in the project entrusted by the Ministry of the Environment, in order to facilitate the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) into developing countries which was stipulated in Chapter 34 of Agenda 21. The database contains a broad range of information on environmental technologies in Japan, such as pollution prevention and environmental monitoring technologies. The Global Environment Center Foundation (GEC)maintains the database and supports maESTro which is the EST information system of the UNEP International Environmental Technology Center (IETC).


Other Organizations related to International Environmental Cooperation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
Japan International Cooperation Agency
JICA Institute for International Cooperation
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Institute of Developing Economies
UNEP/International Environmental Technology Center
Global Environment Facility
World Bank
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center
North East Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center
Kitakyushu International Techno-cooperative Association
Global Environment Centre Foundation
International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC)
International Center for the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
Japan Environmental Safety Corporation