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Environmental Cooperation Projects

Backed by its expertise and knowledge, the Ministry of the Environment organizes workshops and seminars for developing countries to promote efforts in various areas such as pollution control, nature conservation, global environmental conservation, environmental education, and environmental monitoring. In addition, cooperation is being provided in the development of guidelines and manuals, environmental information, policy planning support, and basic research in these areas. Also, joint research is being conducted with researchers in developing countries through the National Institute for Environmental Studies and National Institute for Minamata Disease.

Through these efforts, the Ministry of the Environment also contributes to the implementation of the measures provided in international treaties for environmental conservation.

Pollution Control

Water Quality Conservation:
Build an information system on water quality conservation and support Johkasou system technology

Waste Management:
Hold overseas seminars to provide systematic know-how about the waste treatment technology of Japan

Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation Area Management:
Create guidelines for nature conservation area management and a user's guide, and hold expert workshops

Migratory Birds Conservation:
Establish a network of flyways, conduct joint surveys, and hold intergovernmental conferences and special workshops

Endangered Wildlife Conservation:
Collaborate on the Japan- China Toki (crested ibis) conservation project, and cooperate for the management of important wetlands for migratory waterbirds in Asia

Coral Reef Conservation:
Hold expert workshops, and promote activities of Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN)

Japanese crested ibis
(Nipponia nippon)


Global Environmental Conservation

Global Warming Prevention:
Hold the Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change, and CDM/JI feasibility studies

Acid Deposition:
Promote activities of the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) and provide technical support to the participating countries of EANET

Dust and Sandstorms:
Provide technical support for monitoring

Countermeasures against Desertification:
Support activities under United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), etc.

Ozone Layer Protection:
Provide bilateral assistance to developing countries for ozone layer protection

The Asia-Pacific global warming seminar

Environmental Education

Develop materials for environmental education, etc.