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Green Reconstruction Centering on the Creation of a National Park

Through a variety of initiatives starting with the creation of the Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park, we will pass down to future generations the natural environment and lifestyles of the local communities nurtured from the interaction of the forests, villages, rivers and ocean and we will learn about the bounty and dangers of nature and use this knowledge to reconstruct the region.

1. Create the Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park
The new Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park was created by combining the Rikuchukaigan National Park and the Tanesashikaigan Prefectural Natural Park.

2. Long Distance Footpath Called the Michinoku Coastal Trail
Part of the Michinoku Coastal Trail has already been opened and when completed the trail will span the area from Kabushima in Hachinohe City , Aomori Prefecture at the northern end of the Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park to Matsukawaura in Souma City, Fukushima Prefecture.

3. Reconstruction Ecotourism
We will promote ecotourism that creates trips in which visitors can deeply enjoy nature and fully utilizes the treasures of the region such as the nature and everyday lives of the region.

4. Restore the Ties of the Forest, Village, River and the Sea
We will implement initiative to help people understand the importance of the ties between the forest, village, river and the sea, and work to restore the natural environment.

5. Promote Education of People to Create a Sustainable Society (Education for Sustainable Development or ESD)
Consider how we can promote ESD while gathering the wisdom and knowledge that need to be utilized in future disaster prevention activities through listening to the experiences of the victims of the earthquake.

6. Monitoring the Natural Environment
We launched the website Shiokaze Natural Environment Log to gather and publish a variety of information.

7. Satoyama Satoumi Field Museum
We positioned the entire area of the National Park and the surrounding countryside and villages as a field museum and will maintain facilities to function as a hub for the National Park.