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Efforts in Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

Conservation of Mt. Rishiri Hiking Trails

photo of The Conservation of Mt. Rishiri Hiking Trails

The Conservation of Mt. Rishiri Hiking Trails

The upper part of Mt. Rishiri has an extremely frail volcanic soil and climbers and hikers can cause substantial erosion. To provide countermeasures, a council of administrative bodies and local entities has been formed to maintain and repair the hiking trails by installing a retaining wall and vegetation net. In addition, starting 2014, an initiative named the Mt. Rishiri Komadori Project began with the aim of using the proceeds of budge sales to preserve the hiking trails.

Collaborative Management of the Hiking Trails on Rebun-to Island

On Rebun-to Island, a team of administrative bodies and local entities is working together to manage trails. By transmitting unified information on a website after discussing the park rules and levels of difficulty for courses among all interested parties, the efforts have been taken to ensure the conservation of the natural environment and for the safety of users.

Sarobetsu Nature Restoration Project

As a consequence of human activities such as farmland development and river improvement, the peat lands in the Sarobetsu area are suffering from aridification, causing the loss of vegetation unique to high moors. To that end, with the cooperation of people with relevant knowledge and experiences, administrative bodies and local dairy farmers, a nature restoration project has been implemented aiming to prevent the aridification of wetlands and to restore a post mining site of peat.