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A map showing the locations of national park sightseeing spots is included. Click the link below to view in PDF Format.


Access routes are examples. For more information, please inquire with each transportation facility or check their website.

*The time required in each section is a rough indication.

Course 1
Haneda Airport
Airplane (About 95 min.)
Matsuyama Airport
Airport Shuttle (About 15 min.)
Matsuyama Station
JR Limited Express (About 85 min.)
Uwajima Station
Uwajima Bus (About 15 min.)
Course 2
Haneda Airport
Airplane (About 90 min.)
Kochi Ryoma Airport
Airport Shuttle (About 35 min.)
Kochi Station
JR Limited Express (About 65 min.)
Kubokawa Station
Tosa Kuroshio Railway (About 35 min.)
Nakamura Station
Kochi Seinan Kotsu (About 105 min.)
Ashizurimisaki (Cape Ashizuri)

Area of Accommodation


Cape Ashizuri


Ashizuri Area

Tsumajiro Campsite

It is the base Campsite in Tatsukushi area. The Tatsukushi-sakura-hama Swimming Beach, and the Tsumajiro Beach for snorkelling, and marine facilities for viewing (Ashizuri Kaiteikan (Underwater Observatory) Ashizuri Kaiyukan (Aquarium), Gallery of the Sea).
AddressTsumajiro, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture
Contact0880-85-0144 (Tel)
Opening PeriodOpen daily throughout the year
Usage Fee300 yen per person as a contribution to the cleaning fund

Otsuki Ecology Campsite

photo of Otsuki Ecology Campsite
A Campsite facing the Shirigai Marine Park area. Rental of snorkels and sea kayaks from the Snorkelling Center is not limited to those staying in the accommodation. Otsuki areas park volunteers are able to provide free guidance (please book in advance).
AddressSuogata 500, Otsuki Town, Hata County, Kochi Prefecture
Contact0880-74-0303 (Tel)
Opening PeriodOpen daily throughout the year
Usage FeeRequires a fee

Uwakai Area

Sunokawa Park Campsite

photo of Sunokawa Park Campsite
Sunokawa Park Campsite alongside Route 56. Snorkels and sea kayaks available for rent at the management building. A vehicle Campsite and hot springs are also available nearby.
AddressSunokawa 288, Ainan Town, Minami-uwa County,
Ehime Prefecture
Contact0895-85-0200 (Tel: Sunokawa Park Management Office)
Opening PeriodOpen daily throughout the year
Usage FeeNo charge for day camping. 300 yen per person for the accommodation facilities as a contribution to the cleaning fund. For details, please click the link below.

Narukawa Gorge Campsite

photo of Narukawa Gorge Campsite
A Campsite beside the beautiful streams and forests of Narukawa Gorge. Hot springs are also available nearby.
AddressNara, Kihoku Town, Kita-uwa County, Ehime Prefecture
Contact0895-45-2639 (Tel: Narukawakeikoku Kyuyo Center)
Opening PeriodJuly - September
Usage FeePlease contact for information.

Contact List

Chugoku-Shikoku Regional Environment Office
11F, Okayama Joint Government Building No. 2,
Shimoishii 1-4-1, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture 700-0907
Tel: 086-223-1577  Fax: 086-224-2081

Tosashimizu Ranger Office
Tenjin Town 11-7, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0305
Tel: 0880-82-2350  Fax: 0880-82-2358

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