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Congress Documents

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Day1 Keynote Address

Day2 Plenary
Day2 Working group session
Day2 Youth Session

Day3 Plenary
Day3 Working group session
Day3 Youth Session

Day5 Plenary

Congress Documents


Working group sessions presentation list(PDF:563KB)

Youth session presentation list(PDF:99KB)

Poster session presentation list(PDF:222KB)

Side event presentation list(PDF:21KB)

Asia Protected Area Charter (draft) (PDF: 116KB)

Message from Asia (WG1)(PDF: 354KB)

Message from Asia(WG2)(PDF: 251KB)

Message from Asia(WG3)(PDF: 199KB)

Message from Asia(WG4)(PDF: 354KB)

Message from Asia(WG5)(PDF: 217KB)

Message from Asia(WG6)(PDF: 320KB)


Reference Materials

Regional Protected Area Collaboration across Asia Discussion Paper(PDF:997KB)