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Day3 Youth Session

keynote speech
Inspiring a New Generation
(若い世代へ向けて) (PDF:1.43MB)

Nikita Lopoukhine (Canada, Former Chair, IUCN WCPA and Director General, Parks Canada)
The contribution to the wetland conservation activities through musical performance
(音楽活動を通じた湿地保全活動への貢献) (PDF:1.23MB)

Yuika Ito (Japan,Faculty of International Information Studies, Kinjo Gakuin University)
Park with University
Manisha Dwa (Nepal, Tribhuvan University/ Masters in Physics)
23 years of Students’ Activities suggest a Unique Model of CEPA
(独特なCEPAモデルを提唱する23年間の学生活動) (PDF:840KB)

Shota Furuya (Japan,4th Grade, Environmentology Specialty, Liberal Arts Studies Group, Obirin University)
Efforts of Yatsuhigata Youth
(谷津干潟の若者達の努力) (PDF:1.24MB)

Shota Sawamoto (Japan,School of Economics, Aoyama Gakuin University/ a volunteer of Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Center)
Potential of protected area and Ecotourism in Green Open Space of Jakarta
(ジャカルタの緑地における保護区とエコツーリズムの可能性) (PDF:3.73MB)

Yui Takase (Japan,Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University)
Community perceptions and attitudes toward conservation and tourism in Miyajima, Japan
(日本、宮島における保全と観光にむけた共同体の理解と態度) (PDF:505KB)

Ifeoluwa Kayode (Nigeria, Graduate School of International Studies, Hiroshima City University)
The Knowledge and Opportunities of Eco-tour Guides about Rare Species in Southern Kujuku-shima Islands in Japan
(日本、南九十九島における希少種についてのエコツアーガイドの知識と機会) (PDF:704KB)

Masanori TAKE (Japan,The University of Tokyo)