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The 1st Asia Parks Congress aims to connect protected area practitioners with a wide range of stakeholders for addressing issues and opportunities in parks and protected areas throughout Asia and the world, building ties and helping to set policy and practice in the world’s largest and fastest growing region. The Congress will address the challenges facing this dynamic region through learning, sharing of experience and close collaboration.

Held one year before the 6th IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, the Asia Parks Congress will serve as a valuable lead-in to the Sydney gathering by providing lessons learned and ways forward.

The Asia Parks Congress theme is “Parks Connect”, illustrating the flexible yet unifying concept of the connections at many different levels which link nature with people, people with people, and protected areas with pressing world challenges, including disaster risk reduction, climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainable development and livelihoods.

1. Objectives

The Asia Parks Congress will:

2. Organizer

3. Venue

Sendai International Center (Sendai city, Miyagi, Japan)

4. Date

Nov. 13-17, 2013

5. Participants

about 800 (from 40 country/ region)

6. Presentation made

over 300

7. Key outcomes