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White Paper

Quality of the Environment in Japan 1992


Part I

Chapter1. State of the Environment

1-1 Pollution and Other Environmental Problems

1-2 State of the Natural Environment

Chapter2. Our Experiences Toward a Sustainable Society

2-1 Environment and Sustainability

2-2 Japan's Bitter Experiences of Sacrificing Sustainability

2-3 Achievements for Increasing Sustainability

Chapter3. Recent Socioeconomic Trends and Sustainability

3-1 Recent Socioeconomic Trends in Japan and their Evaluation from a Point of Sustainability

3-2 Environmental Problems and Sustainability of Economies in Developing Countries

Chapter4. New Approaches for Increased Sustainability

4-1 New Forms of Environment Conservation Growing both at Home and Abroad

4-2 Seeking the Road Toward A Sustainable Economic Society

4-3 The Road Toward A Sustainable Earth


Part II

Chapter5. Comprehensive Promotion of Environmental Administration

5-1 Conceptual Framework of Environmental Conservation Related Budgets, Etc.

5-2 Environmental Impacts Assessment

5-3 Community-Oriented Environmental Conservation

5-4 Pollution Prevention Programs

5-5 Environmental Conservation Measures for High Technology Industries

5-6 Chemical Substances

5-7 Environmental Conservation Measures in Land Utilization

5-8 Public Information on, and Education in, Environmental Conservation

5-9 Understanding Conditions at Local Environment

Chapter6. Air Pollution, Noise, Vibration and Offensive Odors--Present State and Measures

6-1 Present State of Air Pollution

6-2 Measures Against Air Pollutants

6-3 Redevelopment of Surveillance and Monitoring System

6-4 Transportation Pollution--Present State and Measures

6-5 Noise--Present State and Measures

6-6 Vibration--Present State and Measures

6-7 Offensive Odors--Present State and Meaures

Chapter7. Water Pollution--Present Situation and Measures

7-1 Water Pollution--Present Situations and Factors

7-2 Damage by Water Pollution

7-3 Measures for Prevention of Water Pollution

7-4 Water Conservation Measures for Closed Waters

7-5 Groundwater Pollution--Present State and Countermeasures

7-6 Marine Pollution--Present State and Countermeasures

Chapter8. Other Pollution--Present State and Measures

8-1 Wastes Disposal-Present State and Counter Measures

8-2 Ground Subsidence--Present State and Counter Measures

8-3 Soil Pollution--Present State and Counter Measures

8-4 Pesticide Pollution --Present State and Measures

Chapter9. Promotion of Environmental Health Measures

9-1 Compensation and Prevention of Pollution-Related Health Damage

9-2 Surveys and Research on Environmental Health

Chapter10. Settlement of Pollution Disputes and Handling of Pollution Offences

10-1 Settlement of Pollution Dispute and Grievances About Pollution

10-2 Controls on Environmental Pollution Offenses

Chapter11. Conservation of Natural Environment

11-1 Comprehensive Promotion of Measures for Conservation of Natural Environment

11-2 Conservation of Natural Parks

11-3 Conservation of Forests

11-4 Protection of Wildlife

11-5 Provision of Facilities for Communing with Nature

11-6 Conservation and Development of the Natural Environment in Urban Areas

11-7 Maintenance of the Environment for Rivers, Ports and Harbors, Fishing Ports and Seacoasts

11-8 Greening Promotion Campaigns

Chapter12. Global Environment and International Environmental Cooperation

12-1 Global Environment issues

12-2 Multilateral Cooperation

12-3 Bilateral Cooperation Under Conventions

12-4 Environmental Cooperation with Developing Countries

12-5 Overseas Public Information

Chapter13. Surveys and Research on Environment protection

13-1 Research by National Institute for Environmental

13-2 Surveys and Research on Environment Conservation

Chapter14. Other Environmental Administration

14-1 Upgrading Precision of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

14-2 Training of Staff Officials in Charge of Environmental Administration

14-3 Health Measures, Etc. at Schools

14-4 Environment Conservation by Local Governments

14-5 Environmental Pollution Prevention Systems in the Private Sector

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