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Japan Environment Quarterly (JEQ)
Volume 14 | August 2016

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Voice of MOE Family in the World

Environment community in Geneva


Masato Ohkawa

First Secretary, The Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva

World Environment Day 2016 event organized by GEN

It is thought that Geneva is one of the most important cities for the Environment. Several multilateral environmental agreements such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and Conventions on chemicals and waste management have established their secretariats here, and many major meetings on the environment are held in Geneva all year around.

In Geneva, there is an environment community called the Geneva Environment Network (GEN), which was established in 1999. Led by UNEP and supported by the Swiss government, it actively promotes increased cooperation and networking between its members. Not only the permanent missions in Geneva but also many IGOs and NGOs participate in the GEN, and it organizes and hosts meetings on the environment and sustainable development, including briefings to the permanent missions and workshops. The GEN's briefings to the permanent missions give us timely and quality information on the recent environmental meetings around the world and enable us to exchange various views.

I hope that the GEN strengthens the environment network in Geneva more and more, and makes the world more sustainable.

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