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Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Japan

  Under the Kyoto Protocol, Japan must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 6% from the level in 1990 (the base year). To meet this target, the Japanese government enacted in 1998 the "Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures." This Act specifies the responsibilities of the national and local governments, private sector companies, and the public. Subsequently, an organization was established to assess and report greenhouse gas emissions by private sector companies. Specified companies also were required to report exhaust emissions from cargo vehicles. These efforts created a foundation for assessing vehicle exhaust emissions, etc., (Scopes 1 and 2) in the supply chain.

  Overseas, CDP encouraged private sector companies to disclose "Supply-chain emissions". These companies now generally assess the emissions from their raw materials purchases, product manufacturing and transportation, services, and disposal activities. They also assess the emissions from the distribution, use, disposal, etc., of their products and services (Scope 3). The sum of the emissions in Scopes 1, 2, and 3 is reported as "Supply-chain emissions".

Efforts of the Ministry of the Environment

  In July 2010, the Ministry of the Environment established the “Committee to Study Assessment Methods for Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” As its name implies, this Committee is studying methods for assessing total greenhouse gas emissions from the entire supply chain, including those produced as a result of raw materials purchases by the company and the distribution, manufacture, use, and disposal of products.

  The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry had set up the “Committee to Study Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Organizations Throughout the Supply Chain.” This Committee was studying issues relating to Scope 3.

  In October 2011, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry jointly established the “Committee to Study Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Organizations Throughout the Supply Chain.” This Committee began accepting public comments in 2012 and has prepared guidelines for assessing and reporting the results of their studies.

  In these ways, the Ministry of the Environment is actively working to evaluate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain and is publicizing these efforts in other countries around the world.

The brochure <"Supply-chain emissions" in Japan>

  The Ministry of the Environment created the brochure to provide a whole picture of Japan’s actions regarding "Supply-chain emissions" accounting, including data collection and management.

  This brochure illustrated ongoing practices of "Supply-chain emissions" accounting in Japan. The contents include: introduction of leading activities by private sector, official supports by the Government, and correlation between environmental regulations and reporting boundaries of "Supply-chain emissions".

>The brochure <"Supply-chain emissions" in Japan> (2.2MB)

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