Protecting our natural heritage for future generations National Parks of Japan
Staff and Initiatives

Park Management Organizations

Main body

In order to promote voluntary protection and management of natural landscapes by private-sector groups and citizens, the Minister of the Environment designates general corporation, general foundation, non-profit organizations, and others with certain qualifications as organizations devoted to the management of National Parks while prefectural governors do the same for Quasi-National Parks.

Park management organizations manage natural landscapes in accordance with the Landscape Protection Agreement. They also repair, maintain and manage facilities, while providing and collecting information or materials. Other responsibilities include providing advice or directions that promote the proper use of natural resources, and conducting surveys and research, etc., regarding such promotion.

Operations undertaken by Park Managemant Organizations include the following:

  • Manage the natural landscape based on Scenic Landscape Protection Agreements
  • Repair facilities and engage in other maintenance tasks
  • Gather and provide information and resource materials
  • Provide required advice and guidance for promotion of appropriate use
  • Engage in surveys and research for promotion of appropriate use