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Park Etiquette

In order for everyone to have a pleasant experience, the visitors to the national parks are advised to respect nature and observe the following:

  • Do not throw away any trash.
  • Do not pick wild flowers/damage plants.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • No hunting or fishing.
  • No smoking while walking.
  • Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.

Other Precautions

Divers are advised to take account of fishery operators

The waters around the Amakusa area abound with a rich variety of corals and tropical fish, and are designated as a marine park zone for its breathtaking beauty. However, it is also the area where diverse fishery operators traditionally engage in fishing to make their living. Scuba divers are thus strongly advised to submit a notification to avoid any accidents and comply with instructions to give one's full attention to the fishery operators when staying underwater. Also, the picking of marine life is prohibited.