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Shiretoko: the 100 Square Meter Movement

photo of Shiretoko: the 100 Square Meter Movement

Shiretoko: the 100 Square Meter Movement

In order to save reclamation sites within the national park from the danger of overdevelopment, in 1977--ahead of the Japan National Trust movement--Shari Town launched the "100 Square Meter Forest Planting Movement." Today, under the catch phrase "Won't you buy a dream in Shiretoko?" the land that has been acquired is being reforested.

Visiting Brown Bears in Their Home

Shiretoko has formulated a "Basic Plan" and "Knowledge for Use" that detail the town's basic thinking regarding using the forests as if "visiting the brown bears in their homes," a concept rooted in humility and awe/reverence for nature.

Two Ways to Walk Around the Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Five Lakes)

photo of Guided Tour

Guided Tour

With the aim of preserving vegetation and resolving discord between humans and brown bears, a use control system has been introduced at the Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Five Lakes). Currently, two ways of walking around the area are provided: elevated boardwalks that are barrier-free, enabling anyone to use them freely and safely; and ground-level footpaths which, depending on the season, can only be used if accompanied by a guide and after attending a safety lecture.